Declutter Like a Boss

If you are anything like me, at this time of year, I long for warm sunshine and buds starting to appear on trees.  As I cannot be outside I turn myself to jobs that keep me busy and improve my living space indoors.  Decluttering is perfect as it frees up space, allows you to go through items you may have been hoarding or forgotten about for years and is very therapeutic (at least I think so).  I make 3 piles - items to keep, items to donate and items to throw away (sometimes I do a cheat pile of items to store in the basement that I just can't part with but don't need right now).  Make sure you are ready to clean the area thoroughly that you have just decluttered as it is the prime time to do so when empty.  If afraid to tackle a full room start small.  A drawer, under a bed, a closet - all great places to start.  Trays, baskets and decorative boxes all are good (and tidy) ways to store items you do need and want.  If this all seems too overwhelming give me a call on 905 403 1491 and I will help take the clutter out of your life. I have decluttered for a variety of reasons - children grow up and no longer need the million stuffed animals they own, moving house and don't want to take it all with you, loved one passed away and need help with their estate, we can even help declutter and stage your home when looking to sell (remember buyers look in cupboards and drawers). You will be pleasantly surprised how much extra space you have.

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Is Your Home Ready for the Holidays?

As the weather changes our thoughts move to warm and cosy interiors.  I never like to rush, as time goes by quickly enough without any help, but I do have to start and think of the holiday season which is fast approaching.  As much of our work is custom and timing is crucial, forward planning is never a bad idea.  What can we help you with to get your home holiday ready? Have you got the in-laws coming, a party planned or a change of decor for those friends popping in for a glass of mulled wine? At Waterfield Design, we can help you with window coverings, paint colour consultations, room planning, furniture sourcing, seasonal decorating and more.  Give us a ring at 905 403 1491 and let us provide you with Fluid Living over the holidays. 

  Welcome to the holidays!

  Welcome to the holidays!

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung so let us help sweep away the winter blues and refresh your space.  Fluid Living makes for happy living.  Refresh your paint colours, renew your window coverings, add a pop of colour, add a new vase, a throw or a piece of art.  We can help transform your space. Give us a ring to book a free in house consultation.